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All’Università“La Sapienza”- Piazzale Aldo Moro, 2 - 00185 Roma
Alla Terza Università – via Ostiense - Roma
Alle Accademie di Belle Art i e Licei – Sezione di Mosaico - Italia
All’Accademia di Belle Arti di Alessandria – Egitto
All’Accademia di Belle Arti di Parigi – Francia; e Tokyo- Giappone
All’Istituto d’Arte di Skopje - Macedonia
Agli Istituti Statale d’Arte d’ Italia - Sezione mosaico -
Alla scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli via Corridoni, 6 33097 Spilimbergo (PN

The association “Mosaico Oggi” has its legal seat at Via San Girolamo Emiliani,15 -00152 ROME, where the program of activities for the year 2013 is held in collaboration with “Il Comune di Bracciano”,“Comune di Trevignano”, “Nazzano”, and the “Comune di Civitavecchia and under protection of UNESCO


Reserved to the Artists using the mosaic as a personal mean and to the young participants to the 7th International Competition “MOSAICO OGGI” (nota 1 e2)
Chiostro degli Agostiniani - Museo Civico di Bracciano-via Umberto I , 5 - tel.069985106
Inauguration: on Thursday, March 21 at 12 a.m.
(Tue.Wed. Thu. Fri.: 9/13 and 16/18; Sat.Sun.10 a.m./06 p.m.)


reserved to the young born not later than December 31 - 1977

Dep.A) on the project, free topic and size, of a mosaic to be set in a Park or indoor (public or private space). (nota 1-2).

Dep.B): on the project and/or the realization of a modern contemporary floor mosaic, free topic, about 350 sq.m to realize during a workshop into the building (while restorating) of the high school “Liceo Artistico” in Civitavecchia.

Formalities and times will be fixed during the awards day with the Tutors of the workshop in Civitavecchia, the Lady Principal Giuseppa Maniglia and the winners of this award “B”
The dep “B” is addressed to the students of High Schools or Fine Art Academies.

Dep.C): on the knowledge of old and contemporary mosaic, addressed to all students of
Contemporary Art, to the students who have passed a History of Contemporary Art examination with reference to Contemporary mosaic and its situations and also to the students who will preparing a dissertation on artistic expression and/ or who wish to develop not later than the date of present Competition a deeper understanding on this issue.

(with credits)

For an in-depth tuition in Planning and Utilization of landscape and public resorts (indoor and outdoor) addressed to Artists, persons studying architecture, mosaic schools, students, the authorities interested in cultural and didactic policies will debate to encourage an interest in contemporary mosaic amongst younger students by helping them to explore and develop their creativity.

The Seminary will take place on Thursday 21 March - 2013 at 10.30 a.m.
Conference Hall of the“Archivio Storico”- Bracciano Piazza Mazzini, 5

Before the Seminary it will be possible to present and/or hand out a script about one’s mind or about the work presented at the Exibition to file in the archives of the Study Seminary.

At the end of the Seminary there will be a prize - giving ceremony for all Winners at the end of the Workshops and, then, the inauguration of the Exibition at the “Chiostro degli Agostiniani”, Via Umberto I, 5 Bracciano.

nota 1)
nota 2)


1) All projects, proposals, ideas and brief dissertations as well as the mosaics must be sent, with self addressed packaging and postage, no later than Monday, March 18 - 2013, to the following address:

Pro Loco - sig. Gianni Flamini - Piazza Mazzini, 5 - 00062 Bracciano (Roma-Italy)

2) All the mosaic Works
are sent at their own risk and paid for by the participants and collected at the end of the meeting on Tuesday April 30 - 2013 and no later than May 2nd 2013 ( previous phone call to mr. Gianni Flamini c/o Ufficio Pro-Loco:(+39 06 60657883 - +39 3400795813)
3) All the Works not collected in time will not be returned and they will become property of the Association “Mosaico Oggi” and could be used by it , at its unobjectable judgment, for the Art Exibition in the “Museo del Fiume” of Nazzano on May 26 -2013 and/or future art exibitions in Italy or abroad and /or for a future Contemporary Mosaic Museum. The Works which arrive as paper works or DVDs will not be returned and they will become property of the Association.

The Regulation is contextually accepted with the delivery of the works.


AHMET SAHIN AWARD” offered by the Art Collector who has founded a Fine Arts Colony in Ankara, Turkey. The Award is a three Weeks Workshop in June 2013 where the Winner will accomplish a mosaic Work into the park near to the Art Gallery and/ or in the ultra modern splendid Building.

“ANTON PANOV AWARD” offered by “National Institution Culture Center of the FineArts
Colony” in Strumica , Makedonia. The prestigious international award exists for 48 years', every year it gathers between 15 and 25 Winners from every country in the Word and consists of a three Weeks Workshop in Strumica from 1St to 20th August 2013. During their stay in Strumica the Winners will accomplish mosaic Works that will be exhibited together with the Works of other participants at the Macedonian Symposium that will take place in September to mark their National Liberation celebrations.

“MOSAICO OGGI - CIVITAVECCHIA AWARD” proposed by Fernanda Tollemeto consists of the possibility to accomplish with the collaboration of MOSAICO OGGI in the “Liceo Artistico di Civitavecchia”the plans winners, using the materials offered for participants in Dep. B of this announce .It consists in the possibility of doing the realisation of the Winner projects with the materials given by the firms sponsors: Orsoni (Venice),Veroli (Tivoli), Marrocco(Galatina), in collaboration with “AWARD”offered by “Liceo Artistico di Civitavecchia”and its Lady Principal Giuseppa Maniglia, sponsor of the competition together with the Municipal Community of Civitavecchia city. They will give to three winners Artists and three Tutors the hospitality in Civitavecchia for a workshop in the “Liceo Artistico”based on a project for a floor mosaic in the School ”

“SAPIENZA” AWARD: addressed to students of Contemporary Art or in
Project and Environment Administration or Architecture, Winners of dep. B of this Announce. It consists of a stay of one day for a Visit to art Works of contemporary Mosaic
in one Italian city.

“MOSAICO OGGI” Exibition
will continue in the end of may 2013 near the “MUSEO DEL
FIUME” in Nazzano (seat of the Tiber Nature Park) , without expenses charged to the
participants in the competition, explicitly willing this prosecution ; curator:
Alessandro Lugari Special Supervision for Archeological Property of Rome.


Roberto Angelini - President Assemblear Committee of Schools- Municipality of Rome
Gazanfer Bayram - Promotor of “Anton Panov Award” di Strumica (MK)
Costantino Del Savio - Alderman for Tourism and Spectacle – Trevignano Romano - Roma
Ivan Jovev - Director Art Center “Anton Panov” - Strumica - Macedonia
Gianpiero Nardelli - Alderman for Cultural Politics– Municipality of Bracciano
Ahmet Sahin - Founder of Fine Art Colony – Ankara -Turkey.
Rita Stella - Alderman for Schools - Provinces of Rome


Luisa Decorti - Designer – Roma
Romina Sicuro - Architect and Research Doctorate - Architecture Faculty “Sapienza”- Roma
Elisa Simoni -
Mosaic Professor – Adult’s University - Lugo - Ravenna
Daniele Strada - Mosaic Professor – Fine Arts Academy - Ravenna
Fernanda Tollemeto -
President -“Mosaico Oggi” Association, Rome –
Claudio Zambianchi - Professor in Contemporary Art History – “Sapienza” Rome University


Manfred Hoehn -
Ex director Mosaic Studio “Franz Mayer” di Monaco - Germany
Tutor workshop in Civitavecchia.
Alessandro Lugari - Special Supervision for Archeological Property of Rome.
Tutor workshop in Civitavecchia.
Giovanni Travisanutto - Ex Professor “Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli“- Spilimbergo (PN)
Tutor workshop in Civitavecchia.


Bracciano: Chiostro degli Agostiniani – EXIBITION:
Time table :
Tuesday-Friday: 9/13 – 16/18, Saturday./Sunday. :10/18

Mosaico Oggi” Associazione Culturale Arte e Design– sede legale: Via San Girolamo Emiliani, 15 - 00152 ROMA
Tel/fax:+39 06 9985236 - cell.+39 3687361558